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In the chaos that is the new store/new forum transition, I have no idea if we've been provided a place to offer some feedback on all the changes … so I'm posting as a new topic. Mods please feel free to move the thread or point me in the right direction if need be!

NOTE: This thread is meant for FEEDBACK, not bug reports or technical/sales issues. There's an official thread for those and it's stickied on the forum's front page.

Anyhow of course I'm sure we all know those really pressing matters, like glitches and download issues galore obviously take precedence right now, but I DO hope that Daz will eventually take our input into account and hopefully make this new site as user friendly as the old one was. Speaking of which:


•Fast Grabs!!!!!!!!!

•A filter to separate MAC & PC installers on our Downloadable Products page.

•A PLATINUM CLUB & DAZ ORIGINAL category in the store.

•An ALL PRODUCTS & PROMOTIONS category in the store.

•Platinum Club information (subscription renewal date, etc) displayed somewhere on the Account Dashboard

•A tag of some sort for Platinum Club member prices - the store says Special Price right now, which makes it impossible to know if an item is on sale or has a platinum club discount.

•Links back to the product on our Order Invoices

•This actually isn't something I want back but rather something I was hoping to see when the new site went up … PLEASE, I beg of you somehow make it so that I don't need to sign back in every five minutes!

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly ...

•The old wishlist format, or something closer to it!

I find the new wishlist entirely too cumbersome. Yes it's nice to be able to see the product pictures clearly, and I really like the fact that we can check which installers come with a product from there as well ... BUT, the sections are just way too large! My list is pretty modest and scrolling through it is still a nightmare. Not to mention there is no way to filter things at all OR any organization to speak of ... Can we at least have thing listed alphabetically, so that we aren't going through the entire list to find things each and every time?

I'd also love to get the Sale filter back for our wishlists, and a price filter would be great.


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    Didn't see a similar thread, so hope this isn't redundant.

    The new forums are still a WIP , and thought it would help the forum designer(s)
    if we gave some constructive suggestions and/or positive feedback.

    I'm happy we're back online, but felt a sense of longing for the familiar old digs.

    1) My first impression was it was very "pale". Just doesn't have the same solid feel to it.

    I think increasing the contrast of the fonts would help....e.g the headers for the old
    forums were a darker blue & bolded. .....well, not
    that bright, but at least 2 shades darker would be easier on the eyes.

    2) Also the old "tables" layout helped isolate each thread, views, etc......miss the vertical lines.
    .....gave it more structure.

    3) The side panels are too light.....think it would be better to either make it a shade or two darker gray
    or a shade of brown, purple, blue, or aqua(?)........seriously. Just so it's not so pale overall.

    Very glad that the old forums are archived....that would have been a tragedy to lose all the great info.

    Thanks for the hard work, whoever is working on it.

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    I started a poll ;-)

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    Great! =)


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    - wishlist: i like the possibility to add comments, but, yes, the "footprint" is too large. and i'm missing sort of an "on sale" filter

    - itemized order history: i really hope, there will again be sorting options

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    can you give us a link to your poll?

    Don't understand what's going on......I started a new thread at the Commons (I thought), but can't find it
    and now we seem to be moved to a different thread (?) ......who's playing musical threads?

    An explanation would be appreciated.......I'm missing our old forums more & more. :P

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    wish I could add the thread order fix to it as that is proving to be annoying!

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    Myself, I don't like change, I like everything to stay the same, so I am sure in time I will come to like the site. The only thing that really annoys me right now is the forums don't automatically bump the active topics to the top. You have to search through pages of stuff to find it. So all in all not a biggie for me.

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    Myself, I don't like change, I like everything to stay the same, so I am sure in time I will come to like the site. .........

    LOL. If you don't like change then you should be raving mad by now and attempting suicide.

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