Was PMing a guy about Daz3d newbie help then *poof*

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The guy's name was Jade, Jadynn, something like that, and I haven't heard back from him, then I chk my inbox to try and PM him again and my inbox is completely cleared out. Am I losing my mind? Am I in the wrong forums? What is the question to go with 42?


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    Probably Jaderail.

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    Hello I'm here. Can I help? This is me.
    P.S. I'm lost also the last week was bad for me so we might need to start from the top.

    EDIT: did not mean to add my avatar two times. If it was me please send a new PM.

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    The problem may have been that you were not logged in at the time, when you tried to send the PM. The site may have decided to randomly log you out part way through the procedure. That has happened a couple of times.

    It is a very annoying bug, with this software, that you get logged out after an idle time of 20 minutes, and sometimes get logged out for no apparent reason.

    Problem has been noted.

    BTW, Jeff you must be seeing double :roll:

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