Simple Pen Holder -WIP

TugpsxTugpsx Posts: 732
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This started as a need for a background prop for another of my WIP. Hexagon is known for modelling and less for texturing or rendering.
Some users are not even aware that Hexagon provides the ability to snapshot your creation with the simple click of a button.
There are also a few light setting to help along the way.

580 x 437 - 59K
488 x 404 - 57K
640 x 333 - 65K
664 x 692 - 21K
977 x 677 - 21K


  • Design AcrobatDesign Acrobat Posts: 459
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    Nice pen holder, used to have one or two of those. They kept getting left at the office when I moved. heh

  • TugpsxTugpsx Posts: 732
    edited December 1969

    Thanks. I was hoping to use it in the background.

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