which Poser versions phone home

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I have two computers and multiple versions of Poser I could install starting with P7 as well as P8 Debut, P10 PP11 and of course 12 which is the only one currently installed on one of my computers.

I wouldn't mind a second copy of another build on my other computer but want one that will let me run both and not need online authentication as obviously there is nowhere those versions could do that anyway.

I am thinking P7 the most likely candidate and I have a ragdoll physics plugin for it that later builds cannot use too.

Most them have installation discs too.

Before I try it I would like someone who has successfully run two versions on two computers to let me knowheart


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    Everything up to PP2014 (NOT GameDev) doesn't phone home. PP2014GameDev and PP11 are phoning home.

    What do you mean with 12? PP2012? Because PP12 is definitely not out, they are working on PP11.3, as far as I know.

    So PP2012 would work too.

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    the naming changed weirdly 

    I have what was called Poserpro12 that actually comes before Poser11pro

    or was that the other way around devil

    anyway thats why I said just 12 because it confuses me too laugh

    now I think of it, it is 11 that the Bondware updated version was blush

    the others I had before were all standard versions 

    the numbers were always 2 lower than the pro versions very confusing 

    I just was always told it had to go online occasionally or it would stop working and if it detects another instance of Poser it also stops working

    my P7 disc is Efrontier so that would definitely have nowhere to connect to indecision



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    I guess you're confusing PP12 with Poser Pro 2012, that came before 2014.

    A list of all the known poser versions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poser

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    I successfully reinstalled Poser Pro 2014 (standard / not Game Dev) after the Bondware hand-over, so I can confirm it isn't affected; all the previous ones should be fine as well. I keep an installation of Poser 7 for the sake of some Python scripts which haven't been updated to work in later versions.

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    good yes

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    For the record, on my system Poser Pro Gamedev (aka Poser Pro 2014) does not work anymore, as it can't get a validation code anymore -- yep it phones home, and doesn't get an answer...)

    Poser Pro 11.2 works, but calls home frequently!! A real PITA when your render system usually isn't connected to the internet.....

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