Military / SWAT Assault Rifle poses for Genesis

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I'm surprised there is none!
and now I need 'em!

Heaps of fantasy stuff, but no machine guns or assault rifle Poses?

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    Timmoth said:
    ... no machine guns or assault rifle Poses?

    There are the Virago Poses for V5, which involve a certain amount of gun-toting. D.W. Mitchell also has some pose sets, such as Black Ops and M4 Combat for the Gen 4 figures (Victoria 4 and Michael 4). In my experience, Gen 4 poses often apply quite well to Genesis: in some cases, extremities such as hands and feet may go insane, but you can usually resolve that by simply selecting the affected part and applying a reset (Ctrl-E or Cmd-E).

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    D'oh, how did my search miss those?

    Still it would be good for something more dynamic and action oriented. A military style action pack would be cool, 'Run and Gun' or something... :coolgrin:

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