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Alright so I'm a [useless] artist I can't even draw a circle. But I had this idea for a comic and the only solution I could think of without shelling out hundreds of dollars to pay an artist is to essentially 3d model and slap some filters to make it look decent. I was planning on doing the backgrounds in blender then importing them into either poser or daz3D then doing the paneling and text in photoshop. And I still plan on doing that but I'm completely lost and have no idea where to start. I don't plan on like being amazing at it instantly but it's just so confusing and I can't seem to find any guides that actually help with posing. Like my comic would include some action scenes and I can't seem to simulate "contact" like a punch to a face and kicks and stuff like that because when I try moving anything the entire model moves. Are there any tutorials or anything that I could learn from.

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  • A lot of that is rather too general, but on the posing - by default the first click on a new item selects the figure as a whole, after which you can click on indivudual bones and pose them via the sliders under Transforms in the Parameters pane or use the in-Viewport gizmo if you are using a tool that supports them (forposing that would usually be the Universal toool or the Rotation tool).

  • The User Guide will walk you through creating a bsic scene

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    DAZ is probably less expensive than hiring a professional artist, but be aware that it's still a pretty expensive hobby. The base program is free but you're very limited in what you can do with it. There's a lot of free stuff floating around on the internet but you'll have to spend at least some money to get decent results. The hardest part is probably seeing all the new (and old) shiny things at the store and have enough self discipline to not overspend. Good luck!

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