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    Sky77 said:

    Thought I'd drop in just to see how things were going this month.  I had too many real life challenges to enter this month.

    @JackyBrown, so true!!  I love the render and the message behind it.

    Sorry about the out of memory error with the computer... been there!  The first time that happened to me, I thought I was being attacked by a virus... yup, was I a noob! 

    Even now if I just add one extra prop, my poor laptop whines and complains then just pretends I'm not here!

    Thank you! @Sky77

    Are you also familiar with the phenomenon that removing something from a crowded (Iray) scene sometimes (usually) takes a very long time? A very very long time... crying

    I guess that (ao) using 5 different beards on the arab character is a bit too much! wink


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    All Links Check Out Plz Move To Entries Thread

    I will give you time to move this entry then I will close the contest!

    @Saphirewild Thanks! Entry has been moved to the Entries Only thread!

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