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    Terrains are fun!

    For this one, I converted the terrain to a vertex object so I could form it around the hangar.

    Like I always do, however, I use several different terrains in each scene to build up different layers and textures.

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    We can also see how I hid the temple of the Palank Ruins (terraces and steps on the left) and plunked the Outpost on top. Lots of props, lots of little animated people, lots of ships!

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    I hate to toot my own horn, but I really like using these EnvironKits!!! :)

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    Dartanbeck said:


    It looks like Fractal Terrains is more of a world-creation tool. I think my CC3+ might have even come with it. I'll have to check one day. But I don't think it's for making things like Carrara terrains - more like a whole planet. I could be mistaken.

    Learning new songs for practice tonight so my time is limited, or I'd look further. The band is crazy busy these days and our calendar for next year is filling up fast!


    thanks Dart yes I bought the Humble Bundle map maker stuff last week and have had a play with it. Not that I do or will play RPG games - just curious wethere it could be used in Carrara.

    Brief play gave me not bad terrain with Fractal terrains - it exports bump normal etc and rivers. The rivers are heavily pixelated. The terrain textures are pretty useless, but with carrara terrain textures the terrains look not bad.

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    Dartanbeck said:

    I think you still have a copy of Dogwaffle, don't you?

    Have you tried that for making terrains?


    3D Designer can be addictively fun! (Filters > Transforms > 3D Designer - don't forget to make n elevation map first)

    Here's a wonderful demonstration of the new tools that came in Howler 9.5 by Philip Staiger - I believe your version is at least that, right? 

    If not, yours still likely has some great tools within the 3D Designer. I never tried it until after this update - actually not until seeing this video!


    thanks for that, yes I do, will check that out, always up for a bit of messing around

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    It's very much like using Carrara's terrain editor, but with more of all of the filters blended onto a single, expandable worksheet.


    Work interactively with the terrain shaping tools while seeing the rendered terrain (or whatever you make) update as you work. Higher intensity things, like high-resolution erosion used within the 3D Designer itself can bring the view to its knees, but it's pretty easy to get used to understanding everything.


    I think that's why Philip begins the video adding an erosion map to his saved image selection. The erosion filter in Howler itself is instantaneous - pretty much. 


    I've done both - exporting OBJ vs exporting maps for use in Carrara, and I almost always prefer the latter - but that's likely simply due to my love for Carrara's tools. But then again, I also Love using Howler!!!

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    thanks Dart :) The world is big and needs to be explored

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