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    I'm in a process of putting together all the information I can and getting an out of box test for them to use so I can send it all to them. Honestly though I'm not entirely sure that rotation is the only issue, I'm getting some strange results with it seeming to completely ignore parts of my map. Give me a moment and I will post my tests.

    Also I know that UberEnv can produce hard shadows as Mec posted, that's just not how I use it. UberEnv doesn't produce any specularity effects and the most important specular effects come from the direction of the lighting, if it's an outdoor IBL specularity is best coming from the sun (it should come from everything but if nothing else it should come from the sun). I've always restricted UberEnv to only providing subtle occlusion shadows and used to pull some color from the environment, since I need additional lights for specularity and that specularity needs to be directional I try to remove most directionality from my IBL and replace it with distant lights.

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    Here is a quick example of the results I'm getting.


    Rotation of the included environment sphere seems to be off by about 10 degrees on the Y axies but all other rotation seems more or less right to me (maybe 5 degrees on X or Z since there seems to be more yellow from the top coming through on one side). The issue I am having is that it appears to be ignoring parts of the IBL, it is only producing red coloration from one side and completely ignoring it on the other. I'm making a guess but I have a sphere mapped with one of my backgrounds to show what I think is happening, the result here comes from the spherical UV map not properly tiling causing a gap at the seams. If it is doing something like this, to me it would explain why the red portion that does show up in my render is much smaller than the coverage from other colors (which cover the same area in my map). Were the gap in mapping big enough it would completely miss one of the red sides which would make sense with these renders too, it's like the UV of UberEnv is only covering 60-70 degrees instead of 180 (or something like 160 considering it may be getting a sliver of red on the opposite side but not enough to make pronounced coloring but that should be making the coverage from the other red side larger).

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    Hi,, dimension theory,, I send PM,, and thank you to tell me what you thinking,,
    About other problem I can not say anything at current.

    then I stick pic with the setting in PM with your HDR yosemite set,, , but it flow limits,
    then I only up-load three pic,, the setting work with your yosemite sets without change distant light.
    (though it may change the effect which you desigend,, but it show true generate AO and distaanl light effect,
    I have not tweaked AO and distantl light about last render. (I tweaked the shadow catcher only,,)

    1. distant light only. (sorry I need to tweak intensity,, to clear show your shadow direction,,and neeed to adjust for
    shadow catcher (Ao + diffuse) mentioned in the PM,, but not tweak other setting (distant light rotation,, etc)

    2. AO only,

    3 render with the default preset Setting with (Ao and distant light shadow catcher offered by Osomaki,)

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    516 x 635 - 374K
    516 x 635 - 374K
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