Freebie 3D Animal Figures, Props, Skydome and cool Game making stuff

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edited September 2013 in Freebies is a goofy hobby game site developed by someone like you... some interested in 3D, Games and Art. Its not perfect, its not beautiful but it is packed to the rafters with tons of original 3D media and game development resources, all farm and animal themed!

Get a kickstart in your 3D projects with FarmPeeps free media resources. Learn how to create games the easy and fun way using FarmPeeps proven methods and FREE 3D Props, SkyBoxes,Terrains, Vegetation,Textures and Screen overlays, & Backgrounds. We show you how to create a 3d Browser based game in a day using free tools based on the latest Flash and HTML5 WebGL engines. or get it at

Use DS, Poser or Vue? we dont leave you stranded we have tons of props and optimized figures for free.

MAY 2012 UPDATE: Just Published the CopperCube 3D Game Maker Tutorial. Includes design doc, line by walkthrough and source code, and content so you can create your game in hours! Visit

300 x 86 - 419K
320 x 320 - 3M
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