toon t-rex question

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I just purchased the toon t-rex and can't figure out how to open it's mouth. Any help would be appreciated. Also what is 'mimic'? Thanks.


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    I don't have the toon T-Rex, but you probably need to seelct the head and look at the morph list for it. Which application are you using? In DAZ Studio 4 you probably need to use the Parameters pane to see the morphs, and if it's an old product they may appear in the Genreal section rather than having a neat Morphs group.

  • goofygrmom3goofygrmom3 Posts: 160
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    I'm using Daz3. Haven't upgraded on my PC yet. There's no place to adjust the mouth. I can move the head, and 2 parts of the neck.

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    Select the head and go to the Parameters tab and look for the "Open Mouth" morph

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    Thanks tons. I forgot about the parameters tab. Must have been a senior moment.

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    What is Mimic ?
    Mimic is a Lip-sync program, and also available as a Plug-in for Daz Studio and Carrara.
    it takes a vocal clip of audio, and creates the animation for the figures mouth and head

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