4.12 Installed Content Different Drive Getting Missing File Error

I installed 4.12 and selected to install the 64 bit on my D Drive and My content on a folder called My DS Content on the same D drive for ALL content to be stored there. Some of the products from other vendors that I had to install manually. When I go to load the items in Daz it keeps telling me missing dsf file in /data/.....etc.

When I check the dsf file in question is in the correct path location. The item seems to load correctly so I am not sure why I am getting this message. Did I do something wrong by installing content in my own created folder? How can I tell daz where to find that file so I stop getting missing file messages?


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    Make sure the Library Folders are set up to point to the right system folders in Content Directory Manager. DAZ Connect data (if you use Connect), DAZ Studio Formats, Poser Formats, and Other Import Formats, if you use them.

  • I believe I do have it set up correct or at least I think I do. In DIM it is showing my Content Files installed to D:/My DS Content. and that is where I been putting all my files whether it be installed by DIM or if I have to do a manual install I copy my folders and files there. Other than that I do not know where else to go to make sure everything is being pointed to the correct folders.

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    Okay, but does DAZ Studio know to look there? I guess I wasn't clear on that point. Content Directory Management is the DAZ Studio end of the library configuration. You can get there from the options menu on the Content Library (upper right corner), or from Preferences (F2) -> Content tab, at the bottom. Expand each of the branches I mentioned and make sure the folders used match the one you installed things to. You can have more than one entry for each, but make sure your primary folder is first in the list.

  • Yes that folder is in the content management section Under Daz Studio Formats, it is even under the Poser formats which I really do use so that I do not think is relevant to this issue

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    Were some products installed in a different folder initially and then moved to the current location?

    I also don't know if installing the program anywhere outside the usual protected Program Files location will cause problems.

  • No this was a fresh install so nothing was moved from another location the items seem to load regardless of the error message of not finding the DSF but I am trying to see if they have any effect on the product or perhaps this just a 4.12 bug or something. I understand the Data is used for morphs and geometry files. so far I am to use the dials and move the hair product around just strange it gives me that message that it can not find the dsf but it is in the right location it is looking for it and it seems to load just fine.

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    Does this affect all products that have .dsf files, or only a few? Are these auto-adapted .dsf files? Poser files generate them when loading (importing, actually, to convert to Studio native format), but I've never seen the warning with them. They will be there the next time you load it, so is the error persistent for a given product? Occasionally, there is an error in the product that defines a URL internally that doesn't match the path where it is actually installed, but the script works because the path is coded directly, and throws the warning with no ill effects.

  • Just random files only 2 at the moment I just did a fresh install of 4.12 and only have a few of my products installed. I know 4.12 is new and has some issues just wondering if this is one of them. Unfortunately, I can not go back to 4.10 cause I did not back it up before I did a reinstall so I am stuck with 4.12 for now,

    With this issue which is minor for now since I said it seems to work, and not able to use my GPU(I just did a simple scene a room, figure and some Items that are reflective it would only render with my CPU and after 6 and half hours only 206 iterations) I would love to go back to 4.10 so I can at least do some rendering. 

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    I know 4.12 is new and has some issues just wondering if this is one of them.

    4.12 has no particular problems that I know regarding installed content, that sounds more like content installed in the wrong place.
    A typical problem you can have with items from other stores is that you end up with an extra top-level folder if you just unzip them directly to your content folder, which means the technical files are not in the proper directory.

  • A screen shot of the Content Directory manager dialogue showing al the current paths, and of the Installation tab in Instal Manager's settings, might help.

    One potential issue is if the product was installed via Connect and the files are not there in the Connect location, in that case the Install manager files won't be used. Also, with manually installed content watch for having a folder named Content (or My Library, etc.) in the zip - the Data and Runtime folders from the zip have to go in the content directory itself, not a sub-folder.

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    @cstrauss42a "and not able to use my GPU"

    There is a minimum Nvidia driver requirement: 430.86. If you haven't updated since 4.10, that's your (a) problem.

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