No shop items visible


I am looking for different poses (following the starter tutorials).

But the "store" is always empty...

- Furthermore DAZ 4.9 seems to be the latest version and there is not download link.  I got "DazStudio pro 4.12" installed with the installer.

- The install manager shows a lot of content, but there is no explanation what I really need. I installed everything which seemed to be important.

p.s. Very confusing, Just at the start nothing is like tutorials and running properly...


DAZ Install Manager.jpg
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  • Is Daz Studio Connected to the store?

    DS is newer than DS 4.9.x.x - note that these are not a single decimal, they are a set of four integers separated by dots; it can be confusing when only the major.minor part of the number is given.

    Starter Essentials give you the base figures, some clothes and hair, and some other items. Default resources gives the basic shaders. You want at least one set of Starter Essentials and the resources. Hexagon is a free modelling application, with a bridge linking it to DS - depending on your interests, skills, and existing software you may or may not want this. I think the other items are mor free content, used in the Interactive Lessons (there may be soem other oddemnts in there); whether or not you want them will be a matter of choice.

  • cgicgi Posts: 0

    Thanks for explanations. It was connected, but I now went once on "work offline" and again connected, now it works!

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