Why doesnt HEXAGON have a save as .dae file?

just curious. I play second life and was wondering why I can't save it as a .dae file but can only save as obj then have to go into daz to save as .dae I'm trying to convince my friend to use hexagon cuz shes really intimidated by blender and I told her the UI in hexagon is really good. but second life mesh upload file is .dae and her computer cant handle daz3d shes tried it before. so if she does model in hexagon she can't save it as a .dae file. which sux.


  • This is only a guess as I do not use Second Life - Does "File-Export-Second Life Sculptie" work ?

    Hopefully someone who uses SL can jump in help you.

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  • No one uses sculpt anymore everything is mesh.
  • Sculpt was the only way back before mesh viewer but mesh is more efficient now the only issue is it uses .far it's not an issue for me cuz I can convert in Daz in seconds but for someone who can't handle Daz or blender hexagon is a good mesh creator just lacking. Is there an outside low function program that can take obj and convert them into dae that might be an option for my friend
  • Sorry. The only other thing I can suggest is to submit a Help Ticket - https://www.daz3d.com/help/help-contact-us

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    AccuTrans is pretty simple, although its not free, its very low cost.

  • Cool ty
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