Question for Modern House 2 Owners

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This place looks like a lot of fun but I'm curious about something people that own it might now. Is it built in zones? By that I mean, if I'm shooting in the attic, can I "turn off" the floors below that? Are they grouped seperately? It's not a deal breaker for me. If they're not, it would be worth the time to go through and hide what I need to and save as Modern Home 2nd Floor or what ever. I see in the description that it says...

  • House_M2_V1
  • House_M2_V2
  • House_M2_V3
  • House_M2_V4
  • Hopeing this means they are seperate areas. Sorry for the wonky formatting.
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    The furniture is 4 separate preloads as well as individual props

    the house itself is not that heavy but the walls all go up the 4 floors

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    Perfect. That's exactly what I was concerned about. How "heavy" it is :P 

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