Turning anti-aliasing off for Diffuse Map in 3Delight

Is there a way I can turn the anti-aliasing off for the diffuse map in 3Delight to give me an oldschool pixelated look on a 256x256 texture?


  • Sven DullahSven Dullah Posts: 4,384

    Are you referring to mip mapping? AFAIK there is no antialiasing going on internally, that is handled by pixel samples and pixel filters at rendering. 3DL converts every map to TIFF, using tdlmake, so you would need to write some code to pull off something like that, I believe. A better option would be to import the diffuse textures into an image editor and pixelate them using filters or simply by downscaling and re upscaling them. Maybe some gurus have a better solution, I may be mistaken;)

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