Halloween props?! Where are they

There is so much nice fantasy costumes, Sci-fi outfit, professional uniforms everywhere on Daz website. They often are too specific for the everyday rendering we are looking for (I'm looking for). Halloween is a great occasion to get them. All we need is a cool "tricks or treats" party props product that would fit any Halloween scene. So all of these nice clothing ensembles can be converted into Halloween costumes.

Props like: candies, candy jack, spooky earrings, candy bags, generic and exaggerated makeup, teeth

I looked for about half an hour and only found some old stuff.

Maybe you guys have a product in mind to redirect me at the moment? (the candy jack is what I am looking for)


thank youuu


  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 8,022

    There are quite a few items at renderosity

  • PetercatPetercat Posts: 2,144

    Halloween props?! Where are they

    Heh. They're hanging out at Renderosity this year.

  • macleanmaclean Posts: 2,161

    Everyday Candy

    Everyday Party Decorations

    These might be useful to you.

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 11,744

    What's a "candy jack"? A plastic Jack O'Lantern with a handle you collect candy in?

  • GordigGordig Posts: 769
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    All the Google results I see for "candy jack" are for a strain of marijuana.

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  • TheCedizTheCediz Posts: 85

    lol candy jack yeah... I thought it was the plastic pumpkin to put the candies. ... saw that somewhere... or not dunno.

    Thnks for the suggestions, I definitely forgot to check out Renderosity!  

  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 775

    That Ebil Baby's pretty scary.

  • Not as scary as Daz 8 Baby was, according to my kids :-D

  • GordigGordig Posts: 769

    Not as scary as Daz 8 Baby was, according to my kids :-D

    Like I said in Novica's thread, I'm just glad someone is finally leaning in to how creepy those characters are.

  • RedfernRedfern Posts: 1,065
    Sevrin said:

    That Ebil Baby's pretty scary.

    I think Ash Williams needs to "top off" the gas for his infamous chainsaw "hand" as that is a "Deadite" if I ever saw one!

    "Swallow your soul!  Swallow your soul!"



  • Dave230Dave230 Posts: 455
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    There's nothing special about "props", in my opinion, you can find them anywhere.

    For example, just search for "chocolate bar" on cgtrader.com or turbosquid.com, and you'll get dozens of hits.

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