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I have been evaluating stand alone subdiv modelers for a couple of days and some thoughts came to my mind.
Silo has not been updated for years now (their users are mad), there is some new app for windows which looks nice but cannot yet compare... wings 3d is good, but the interface looks old and it is certainly not intuitive. Hexagon is, well, it did not change much for a long while... 2.5 was released in 2008... I don't know about the smaller updates... Why Daz is not just taking the advantage over such a sad scenery and bring hexagon back to stage?.

A tool like this should not require such an active development but at least to show a bit of movement.. maybe just publish small releases from time to time so it does not look so dead. Fixing the stability on the mac (well I am using it and does not crash so much), maybe changing the interface a bit..

Just some ideas. This is not just about how useful the app is (it works and it is good), but if someone has to convince someone else to adopt a tool, it might be lot of easier if the tools themselves are actively developed. Stand alone modelers are important. The tool is functional as it is, but it feels risky to adopt something which does not get so many updates.

Talking about interface, I think that the designs by eovia are rather ugly, maybe someone could make just a functional, simpler and cleaner design?. Maybe something more compact? who needs shadows, round edges, and wasted space all around?.

Just ideas..


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    if your looking for an interface that is not too concerned with being pretty but can be overwhelming for the beginner then Blender may be your beast, and while it's hardly a stand alone modeler, it cutting edge with many of it's features and regular updates for modelers.

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