Is it possible to REMOVE the emissive shader from a surface?

I know that changing the emissive color to pure black will stop it from emitting any light, but is it possible to REMOVE the emissive shader from a surface entirely?

I have a bought interior scene that has the emissive shader applied to all of the light fixture objects, but I wanted more control of the lighting so changed all the emissive shaders to black color and put in my own lights inside the fixtures.

HOWEVER, now the light fixtures objects also appear pure black.

Is is possible to make the light fixture objects  appear white or some other color, WITHOUT having them emit emissive light?

So I was wondering about 2 possibilities: 1) remove emissive shader entirely from the light fixture objects; or 2) put another non-emissive shader OVER the emissive shader?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.


  • GordigGordig Posts: 769
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    Set emissive color to 0, 0, 0.

    edit: wait, you said you already did that. If all you've changed is the emissive color, then that shouldn't affect the base color.

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  • felisfelis Posts: 311

    The emission parameter is part of the basic Iray Uber, so if you want a shader without the emission part you need to find a custom shader.

    But to solve your problem I think you just need to set a "whiter" base color, with emission being black.

    Or you could keep the emissive parameter as is and just lower the luminance to reduce the influence on the scene.

  • macleanmaclean Posts: 2,161

    Just apply the default Iray shader (Uber-whatever-it's-called), and that will set all channels to the base values. Base Color will be gray and Emissive will be Black. Then tweak Base from there.

  • kenshaw011267kenshaw011267 Posts: 1,721

    If you want more control of the light the emissive shader gives effectively unlimited control. 

  • pctech4nypctech4ny Posts: 91

    Thanks everybody. I think I have the light fixtures how I want then now.

    Went with making emissive black, base color white, put spotlights with disc geometry in the fixtures and tediously adjusted postions until the disc-shaped light emitters showed up just at the right height to make the fixtures look white when light turned on, and black when light turned off.

    I suppose a alternative thing I could have tried was using translucency on the surface of the light fixtures, but this way worked out OK.

  • pctech4nypctech4ny Posts: 91

    If anybody is interested here is one view of what I ended up with after a lot of hours working with the Tesla Hotel Room. I ended up with kind of orange mood / accent lights as I was afraid they'd end up too dark on some skin tones if I made them too red (but only tested with one character so far). (I've got some test views with a character, but I put them at my Renderosity gallery as they have nudes in them.)

    There are quite a few options I included for light sources so I think I have a lot of combinations possible to experiment with.

    Hotel Room night cityscape test 2.png
    960 x 960 - 1M
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