V4/Genesis to Genesis 2 Head Only?

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This is my first post after several years of reading here. I've not turned up in my search of these fora any way to transfer *just* a character head from V4 or Genesis to Genesis 2. Can anyone point me to a resource? I seem to remember seeing a head-only clone somewhere, but I've no idea where I ran across it.



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    Unless a character comes with separate morphs for the head and body, it can't be done. I have tried just selecting the head and apply a character that had both head and body in that one morph and it morphed the whole body. The only thing I can suggest is to apply the morph and then under surfaces use the various dials to get the body back to standard.

    You do raise a good point though. There are many times when all I want to use is a head morph and don't have that option.

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    For Genesis the first thing need is the V4 for Genesis shape sold here at DAZ. For Genesis 2 Female, you need the V4 shape for Genesis 2 Female shape. This is also sold here.

    To easiest way to transfer a V4 morph from V4 to Genesis is with the GenX plugin. The current version of GenX does not have Genesis 2 support. An update is due to be released soon no specific date has been given.

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    Didn't think of that part, and didn't ask if they already had it. What they wanted to know was how to use a character that morphs the whole body and head and only use it on the head and not affect the body. Do you know of any way to do this?

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    Is there a specific character set you are referring to? I'd need to take a look at the cr2. See if there are ERC dials or anything else.

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    First, thanks for taking the time to reply. It's much appreciated.

    I have several V4 characters and see a number more that I've interest in -- most having separate head preset/INJ files -- but haven't discerned a way to incorporate them into a G2 figure without bringing the V4 body shape along with it. Unless I'm mistaken using GenX to bring a V4 character into the original Genesis is similar. (I have V4 for Genesis and have tinkered with GenX.) One could leave the V4 body shape unaltered by the character but it was still the V4 body shape one brought onto your Genesis figure. As I'd mentioned, I saw on some other site a partial *clone* that would skip bringing information below the neck into Genesis, but even if I could find it, I've decided to work in G2.

    This can't be a unique situation, so I'm hoping someone has an "oh, I just do this" answer handy!

    Again, thanks for any insights and taking the time to share.

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    At present there is no way to transfer V4 morphs to the Genesis 2 Females.

    When the update to Gen X is in the store, you will need to purchase the V4 shape for the Genesis 2 Female


    Right now, you can transfer V4 morphs to Genesis using Gen X and the V4 Shape for Genesis



    Even with Gen X and the shapes, the morphs will be close but there will be differences. Especially if you do close up work. This is due to the difference in poly count. V4 has a much higher poly count than Genesis or the G2F. The reason you cannot just move V4 morphs to Genesis or G2F is that they are three different meshes with different poly counts and verts. If you take a mesh into a modeller and accidentally change the vertex order the mesh you import back into your app to use as a morph won't work. Same holds true for V4 morphs and Genesis.

    I've run into more than one user who has spent the money on the shapes and plugins and spent hours transferring V4 morphs to Genesis only to find that because Genesis has a lower poly count, morph detail is lost in the translation.

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    I do this in Poser, it will probably work in DAZ Studio also.

    You want a certain head - so open that figure so you see it on the screen.

    You want a body from a different figure - open that figure so that it is on the screen.

    Make the head you don't want invisible.

    Then make the body you don't want invisible.

    Move the figure with the visible head to a positiion that make it look like it is coming out of the neck of the visible figure's body.

    (depending on the figures you use, you may need to keep the neck of the visible head, and make the neck of the visible body invisible to make the head and the body look like they match.)

    Make sure you position the head exactly where you want it to make it look as natural as possible

    Then PARENT the NECK of the visible head's figure, to the NECK of the visible body.

    Now, when you pose your figure, the head will stay on the body. You may pose the figure, and the head will not look like it's in the correct pose, so you will need to select just that head, and posltion it to match the pose of the body.

    I do this ALL THE TIME. I use Genesis heads on Hiro 3 bodies etc. But remember, the body is not Genesis, so you'll have to put clothing on the body to match that body, not the Genesis body.

    Try and use a skin texture for each figure that look as closely similar as possible. You will probably have to adjust the skin texture of either the head or the body, so that they match closely.

    At the point where the head is attached to the body - you will most likely have to do a small amount of retouching in Photoshop or another graphics program to blend the two skin textures seamlessly. Sometimes the hair covers it, and you don't need to.

    Play around with it a little to see if it'll work with the 2 figures you want to use. Of course, if you pick a head that is too dissimilare to the body, like a child or monster or horse head on Genesis, you will probably not get the head to match the neck.

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