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I'm extremely new to Hexagon and a bit thick, so I was hoping someone could tell me if and how it's possible to quickly make a mirror copy of an object. For example, if I were to manually create a left hand, is there a quick way to create a right hand to go with it?


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    Yes, can be done, fairly easy.

    Have not done in ages so don't remember the tool name....check the user manual

    Essentially you select the shape, hit the tool for mirror, pick the plane you wish to mirror across, and the distance.

    Do it last after one whole side is done because from then on everything you do on one side repeats on mirror copy...but if you break the link then it no longer works that way and hard to get it back.

    If you wish to make half an object, mirror distance set near zero, then select all points along that plane of both object halves, then weld together and you have one whole object.

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    i believe you're referring to the "Symmetry" tool under "Vertex Modeling"


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    Contrary to the Symmetry Mode, the Symmetry Tool allows you to create a
    copy of the current object, according to a plane specified within the tool, and eventually
    with an offset.
    By default, the symmetry tool creates a new object which is independent of the
    initial one. This means that when you perform an operation on the original model, this
    operation is not automatically applied to the mirror copy.
    If you want to automatically apply changes to the mirror copy, a “Clone” option
    is available when creating the symmetrical object, allowing you to create a true
    mirror copy: any modification on one of the two mirrored object will be applied on the
    other one, up until the “clone” property is suppressed (either by welding the two parts
    together, or by suppressing this dynamic property through the Dynamic Geometry panel).

    Page 79 Hexagon Manual

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    THERE'S A MANUAL?! *Searches* Huh. So there is. That... might make things easier all around, really.

    Thanks for the help!

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