How do you flip a face

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I have an object and it appears some of my faces are flipped, In Carrara and Daz, i couldn't tell, but in poser those faces are invisible in poser preview window but renders fine.


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    Firstly, you want to check whether the normals are in fact reversed - you can either change the lighting in preferences (preferences ->3D display ->advanced ->untick two-sides lighting) If any faces show up very dark, or if you can see backfaces, but not front faces, then they are reversed.

    Another method is to go to the utilities menu, select the icon which looks like a thumbtack (orient normals) and select the big "A". This will give each face a red arrow - correctly facing normals will have the arrows pointing outwards and incorrectly facing normals will have them pointing inwards.

    If you do have incorrectly facing normals, select the multiple thumbtack (unify normals) and the red arrows will be replaced by a single yellow arrow. If it is facing outwards, good and well. If it is facing inwards, click on the "A" again to unify them in the correct direction.

    Not being a Poser user, I'm not that clued up, but I have read here that Poser does not use normals and these should be disabled, either when exporting from Hex or when importing to Poser - hopefully a Poser user can jump in with better advice?

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    Thanks, I'll give this a try.

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