Bring Back The Wishlist Threads

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I'm not sure if this is even appropriate enough to be here or if it should go to the Commons, because while it's not exactly a product suggestion, it is a suggestion absolutely relevant to this forum either way.

Basically, my pitch is this: would it be considerable to have official Wishlist threads for specific DAZ Iconic Characters as before in the old forum? Even though we now have Genesis in all of its current and ever growing versatility, there are still items that are rather exclusive to V5 & M5 in compatibility as numerous members have pointed out. Not only that, but do to people like the Poser Community, V4 & M4 and the rest of their Generation are still very much being kept alive as supported by DAZ themselves, PA's, and third party vendors to this day.

Back when Gen 3 was still in full gear these sticky topics were very popular and kept all of the character-specific demands in one place. So to see something like that would definitely bring attention for such requests while at the same time keep the forum itself neater for other kinds of suggestions.


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    I'm surprised that after this much time, no one has responded to this. :ohh:

    But yeah, does any one else think that we should start bringing back the Wishlist threads? With more Gen 5 figures coming out, this may be something to consider (unless something happens that will allow us to use V5 & M5 items properly on other character shapes).

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