UU3d or UV Mapper Pro?

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These two programs focus specifically on UV mapping and cost the same. Can anyone give me an idea which is better?



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    I looked at the site for UV Mapper earlier today and it looks like the whole site is in disrepair, with lots of 404-Not Found messages. Don't know if "Pro" does that too, but personally I would always choose something newer and somewhat supported over anything that seems to be out of support.

    Of course, each decision is separate, and there are always exceptions to the rule...

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    Site looks good to me.

    http://www.uvmapper.com/ UVMapper Classic is free. Links to download for either OS are on the download page.

    I found the "support" for UU3D unacceptable ... for the money I chose the educational license for 3DCoat. Doesn't permit commercial usage.
    The program itself is also more user friendly.

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  • Subtropic PixelSubtropic Pixel Posts: 2,378
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    I shall re-investigate then. Thanks!

  • The DigiVaultThe DigiVault Posts: 448
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    I've been looking at maybe getting Hedus UV Layout. It's $300 for the Pro version but does seem to be pretty good. Have a look at a couple of the videos. The hobbyist version is $200.

    Just a suggestion;-)

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    Yikes, $300 for a UV layout program is way over my head. lol On another note, I did not find either site to be in disarray.

  • Subtropic PixelSubtropic Pixel Posts: 2,378
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    It was the forums that were 404. Forum activity is one of the first things I check to see if there is an active user community, and it immediately returns a 404 - Not Found error.

    I can understand if a vendor decides that a forum is too costly or too much trouble to maintain, but no landing page? Or better yet, just remove the links for the forum.

    Anyway, it does seem probably okay. I might try the trial. :-)

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    I can tell you for sure that Steve Cox (of UV Mapper) is very much alive and providing support. I bought UV Mapper Pro when it first came out and he's always been very good about support.

    Recently, (3 weeks ago) I wanted to get the latest version of UVM Pro and was having trouble with the registration. I couldn't hget anywhere on the site, so I mailed Steve, (without much hope of a reply, to tell the truth). Two days later, he mailed me back and sorted out the whole thing.

    So he's there if you need him, but direct contact is best. He seems to have let the forums go.


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