How can I create grooves in surface?

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I'm trying to create the look of planks in a surface as I am modelling a 3d object for 3d printing.
I can not use a texture for this reason.

Now the alternative would be to create individual planks of wood but I feel this would increase my polys too much.

I know it is christmas day, but is anyone online and sober enough to give me an answer?

Thanks in advance for any feedback



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    Not going to fire up Hex to go into exactly HOW to do it...but, I'd probably divide up the surface some what and bevel/add loops on each additional cut so there are 3 edges to it and recess the middle one....yes it will increase your poly count, but if you can't use a texture or displacement map, that's probably the only way to go And it won't be as high as making individual planks.

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    thanks, will try that.

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    This is fascinating to me, but I am having difficulty visualizing MJC's concept. If somebody has the time, could you post a screen shot showing a couple angles of the proposed resulting mesh in Hexagon?

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    Don't see why you'd need screenshots. It is one of the most basic modeling procedures.

    564 x 435 - 83K
    547 x 416 - 55K
    536 x 414 - 25K
    549 x 423 - 25K
    572 x 397 - 24K
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    Might be basic to you, but seeing is learning for me. :cheese:

    And your pics helped a lot; thank you!

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