Constant crashes and a fix that has worked, so far

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I was working on a model extruded from a free drawn line, after watching a YouTube video to learn how, but after smoothing the object and selecting faces Hexagon would crash. I spent most of the day trying to find information as to the problem but nothing worked. Nothing that is until I read a thread on this forum which mentioned about resetting preferences to their default settings.

I'd tried just about everything else I read, short of uninstall and reinstall, so I reset preferences to their default settings. After restarting Hexagon I opened my object I'd been working on, smoothed it, and tried the other action which instantly crashed the program. Imagine my surprise when Hexagon continued running. Imagine my surprise when I could import another object I'd been working on and added it to this one object.

I don't know what changed when preferences was set to default settings, but so far---I tried everything again while writing this post just to make sure I was awake and not dreaming--Hexagon has continued working longer than it had throughout the day.


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    This is curious.

    Had you changed your preferences over time?

    If so, have you changed any preferences back (to your personal choices) because you couldn't live without them? If so, which ones?

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    @subtropic: I think changes were made but not sure what they were. The only changes I made once defaults were restored was the number of undos, which I set to 60. Otherwise, instead of tempting fate, I left everything else alone. And so far no crashes...goes to find some wood.

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