Exporting clothes rigging and animation to FBX

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Hi, all

I have a very frustrating problem with exporting clothing and rendering it back in a game and I m hoping that someone with previous experience in exporting clothing for gaming or even a good understanding of Daz's rigging and clothing may be able to point me in the right direction. Basically I do the following:

1. Export animation template that contains bone transformations
2. Export genesis model without animations
3. Export clothing without animations.

Then in my code I look for bone transforms in the animation template, find the same-named bone in the model and clothing and apply the transforms. The problem is that while the clothing seems to be following the path it's somehow offset very slighly so that the model actually shows through clothing. In the pictures attached you can see what I mean. The first pic shows the model and clothing without ani animation being applied yet and it looks good. But then the moment I start applying animation transforms weird things start happening (remaining 2 pictures).

Does anyone have any idea what I could be missing here or what I could do to deal with this issue.

Thanks !

P.S. None of the models have been decimated.

287 x 374 - 34K
294 x 448 - 32K
273 x 446 - 31K
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