Bryce 7 Pro aspect ratio ??[SOLVED]

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_and to have particular  bryce 7 pro  aspect ratio ?? 

+16 : 9+

seems to have some trouble about it _

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    ed3D - not sure what you mean. File > Document Setup (or Ctrl+Alt+N) lets you set any document aspect ratio. Untick Constrain Proportions and enter in the Document Resolution fields the width x height in pixels. Or enter the Document Aspect Ratio width : height. If you enable Constrain Proportions you can then set either the width or height in the field and the other one is calculated according to the aspect ratio entered.

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    Horo:  +alright then _ Thanks kindly +

    _did come up with An Solution since , asking this Question   +Was shooting for  3840×2160 (4K)

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    ed3D - So it helped. Thank you for reporting back.

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    + don't know what the trouble  was   _ after  Your remark ,  went tryed again  And came out right    

    solution was To crop  , cause wide was right and height was over ,  Like 'about 2300   or some such 

    _thanx  again +

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