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Hi, I'm using the latest version of Hex on a iMac running OSX 10.6. Just learning Hexagon but having a problem with creating text. Two issues really. When I go to choose a font for the text the scrolling list of fonts drops down off the page and there is no arrow or way to scroll down to the font I want. If I just choose one of the fonts listed it comes in bumpy and looks like the text I used to get in my layout software when there was no screen font available. it's not clean. Any ideas on the problems?


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    On my Mac under OSX10.8 the Font Menu scrolls down but then won't scroll up…

    Unless I use the "Full screen mode" by clicking on the little icon in the top right hand corner. Then an extra arrow appears at the top of the Font Menu and it all works OK.

    The screen quality of the fonts is terrible though. If I work with large text I import a file from Illustrator but I don't use text very often so it's not a problem for me.

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    Tried the full screen trick, no luck. Tried Illustrator and that didn't work. Should I convert text to curves first? I can bring in a PSD obj but it has too many faces and verticees to properly edit.

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    Using Illustrator is only really useful if you want large display letters. Save as outlines from Illustrator as an Illustrator 3 file (Not CS3).

    Import into Hexagon using the Illustrator 3 setting in the import menu.

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