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I'm looking for a new animation solution over what I've used in the past. I'm hoping someone can suggest a solution on a hobby budget.

I've been using Daz Studio's animation timeline to move objects in a scene and then render the series as output to still images. Next I would take all of the images and dump them in Windows Movie Maker, set the duration between .03 and .06 seconds and output a 1920x1080 mpeg that I can manipulate from there. As solutions go, this is very fast and easy.

The problem is that Microsoft abandoned Windows Movie Maker some time ago and it doesn't support resolutions above 1080. So I'm looking for a new solution that is very quick and easy like Windows Movie Maker which also supports higher resolution images. I've not had any luck with Google searches or searches on the forum, but maybe I'm not using the right search criterea and missing the blindingly obvious solution for which I will apolgize in advance.

Sample (Geneisis 8 based model, IRAY, 90 frames quick and dirty):



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    You might want to start out with something like Hitfilm Express. It's a free version with a lot of good features. They have a pro version as well, but I think it's pretty easy to use. You might try that one.

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    I've been playing with HitFilm Express and I like it. Another free video editor I've used and liked is Openshot. It's open source and a lot of tutorials out for it. There's also Shotcut which I've had on my list to try but haven't yet.

    At the moment, I've been playing with the latest release of HitFilm Express. They just came out with ver 12 not long ago and I'm loving the new features. Before I'd played with HitFilm 4 before settling on Openshot. Since playing with version 12 of HitFilm Express, I think I might not be going back to Openshot. I don't plan on getting rid of it because I've set up a lot of presets I like and I've learned how to use it, but I think I'll be playing with HitFilm Express for a while. I'm going through tutorials and really loving how easy it is to use with spectacular results.

    I'd look at all three and see which one works best for you. All three can handle resolutions larger than 1080.

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    I agree with the other people you need upgrade your film editor,

    you can try hitfilm ( ) is pretty good it has lots of fx options imports complete  folders with images ( just make sure you have them in a  numbered order) exports films in AVI, mp4, mepg mtl. The pro version can do 4k and offers online fx tools. its not user friendly there is a learning curve.. So I would start with the free versions to see if  you can work with it,   I use Adobe premiere pro CS 5.5 myself it has a custom import folder option just for keyframed rendered  animation exports in 4k and blueray as well. . but from my understanding the standalone premiere elements ( is a good alternative to premeire pro which is cloud based and you only pay a one time fee of $100 bucks. and its also a 1 step solution

    if it helps here is a whole list of good editors

    this is my last film i did

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    Thanks for the input everyone.
    Hitfilm Express turned out to be the perfect solution for my needs. Now if only voice talent was so easily solved.

    Thanks again!


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