Daz 4.x and my old, old, old, old, really old, Daz stuff?

Hello everyone! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot.

I'm getitng back into the lovely world of Daz but I have a bit of a hang-up. See I have some real old gems in my Daz library, Heck i have David, and some stuff I dont think is even in the store now. Will all of that work with the new Daz? Or will I have to also run an older version.

Also does Daz still ahve that setting that will fit clthing to a model? I loved fitting some of Victorias many, many many outfits to Micheal sometimes and even to David (if I could get it to work).

Oh and one final question, my laptop has the OS on one HD and 'Data" for another HD Can daz funtion from a second HD or is it better if I put it on the OS drive.



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    Most very old content will still work in recent versions of DS, yes, though sometimes there can be problems opening old scenes saved in .daz format (opening them in the most recent version where they work and resaving them usually fixes it). David definitely still works.

    Not sure what settings you mean about clothes, but there are still ways to fit clothes to a model, yes. With the Genesis line there are even ways to convert clothes from figure to figure automatically.

    And DS application and content can definitely be installed on another drive than the main one. You'll need to change the settings to tell DS where the content is if it's not in default place, but that's basically all.

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  • Thank you so much!! You have put my mind at ease. heart

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    I have found that some of my older content works better in 4.10 than 4.11. Don't know why.

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