Who would the base model be of this model?

Any one knows what genesis 3 or 8 model this could be?

Sure there are morphs in place with the face but maybe some one knows who the underlying base model is?


font low res (sample).jpg
414 x 496 - 141K
side low res (low res).jpg
414 x 496 - 154K


  • What is that from?

  • xXQuatroXxxXQuatroXx Posts: 164

    It's from a friend.

    Some one made this for her but the person who made is stopped doing it.

    Don't know the person's name and the name won't be given (why i don't know)

    My friend came to me and asked me if i'm able to recreate it more or less in the same way and do some stuf for here.

    incase the attached files aren't atached (some how)

    Here are the picture links:



    side low res (low res).jpg
    414 x 496 - 154K
    font low res (sample).jpg
    414 x 496 - 141K
  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 2,329

    When you say "made this for her" that would suggest it is a custom character. Is there some reason why you or she would think that it was based upon a particular character? Even if it was, knowing the character is only going to get you part of the way there at best. If it were me, I'd simply pick a base figure, G3F or G8F, and dive in. You have two basic references to work from. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a reasonable facsimile. On the other hand maybe someone will notice a resemblance to some character that they are familiar with and make a suggestion. It certainly doesn't ring any bells with me.

  • chris-2599934chris-2599934 Posts: 1,163

    Well, the hair looks like https://www.daz3d.com/elite-ponytail-for-genesis-2-female-s or https://www.daz3d.com/victoria-5-elite-ponytail so it could be an older base than G3, she looks a bit V6-like to me.

    I agree with SixDs - start again from a base figure you're happy with, using these pictures as a reference.

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