Changing Grid units from CM to Inches? Or at least millimeters?

Hi.  I bought "Collective3D Create a Room Xpack 3" which supplies room parts that are built in 2.5 foot increments.

How do I make the grid snap to 2.5 foot increments?

I can turn on grid snap in CM... but 2.5 feet is 76.2 cm, and the dialog ignores decimals.


  • winduptoywinduptoy Posts: 54

    So, learning about the Align tool, and I guess I have the option of scaling everything up to 1000% and using a grid of 762 cm, but surely there's a way to change the grid units?  Guys?

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 61,327

    No, the unit is set to cm and that can't be changed (as far as I am aware).

  • winduptoywinduptoy Posts: 54

    Thanks for the response Richard.


    Wow, that's dumb.

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,634
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    I don't think that's dumb.

    It would be nice if the World could agree on something, anything, just for a single time!

    The measurement system is what humanity is closest in finding an agreement:

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 61,327

    You could write a simple script to move the selected node 2.5 feet (or as near as possible) on each axis, then use the scripts from a tool bar or menu for each movement.

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