Is there some way to zoom a scene faster than mouse scroll or magnifying glass icon?

Everyone knows that Daz is a little blocked with some actions. To take a long zoom is impossible to do without being bored! Please any shortcut or command?

Thank you!


  • Guys, I've found the solution. Holding RMB and using magnifying glass icon is possible to zoom 10x faster than mouse scroll! Thanks!

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,269

    That's focal zoom, leaving the camera in place but chnaging the focal length. It will tend to flatten perspective.

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,222

    You can actually customize how fast you want your zooming to be!

  • Syrus_DanteSyrus_Dante Posts: 983
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    There are other ways to zoom or move the camera try the Scene Navigation Shift+K. The options can be found like always in the Tool Settings pane if you have the Scene Navigator tool selected. See the screenshot at the bottom of Move Controls and Look Controls you can set the speed how fast the WASD or IJKL movements will be.

    The Mouse Button Modifiers for the View Controls found at the bottom of the Customize dialog are another way of zooming. I've also made a Daz Studio Viewport Navigation Guide for more info have a look at my thread.

    How to Customize Daz Studio - to speed up Workflow!? [WIP]

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  • DrNewcensteinDrNewcenstein Posts: 684

    Using the default cameras to frame distant selections in a scene doesn't generally work. They're pretty much mounted to the center of the worldspace.

    Create a new camera, and select an element of the distant figure (hand, etc), then, using the created camera, frame the selection. It should zoom right onto the object, and then "lock" to the figure's personal space.

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