Hi, i'm very confused about dforce, could be used on clothes with buttons and belt like a trenchcoat? As you see in picture, i applied dforce on trenchcoat. The character is a morph from genesis 8 female and the trenchcoat is for genesis 3 female, but i've previously converted it for genesis 8 with Clothing Converter from Genesis 3 Female to Genesis 8 Female. I choose a pose for the character and when i click "Simulate" the trenchcoat slowly moves and the buttons and the belt start to move deforming. I can't finish the simulation since the monitor turns black and Daz Studio crashes all the time. I'm doing something wrong or dforce can't be applied to such clothes? Thanks for your suggestions.

2560 x 1080 - 451K
2560 x 1080 - 486K
2560 x 1080 - 465K


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