How do I create this look? It is realistic without being too realistic.

deankutdeankut Posts: 24

I can make realistic looking people but fail as to how to get this look where it's almost like a cartoon, but not. Also, it seems to match the colorization of the background. Help! Please help!

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    My guess would be "lots of postwork".

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  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 2,151

    It is very difficult to tell given the size of the image. A larger resolution might reveal more.

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,222

    Is it a render?

    It looks more like a painting/edited photo to me!

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    Embiggen'ed version

    amazon book dragon blood

    From Amazon books.

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 2,151

    It looks to me like either a digital painting or photo manipulation as Leana and LenioTG suggested. As Leana said, either way you could reproduce a similar image based upon a render if you were willing to spend the necessary time on it in postwork.

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    Break it down. The background buildings would be a layer, the trees and rocks on the right a layer, the starfield a layer, the character a layer and the text a layer. All with masks and with fx/adjustment layers on top to tie it all together. That is a basic simple breakdown. The artist may have taken a different route but that would be the basic path you would want to take to achieve that. It can be done in Photoshop, Gimp or another program that handles layers and fx. Dreamlight tutorials tend to cover this type of process. Good luck.

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    Try Topaz Clean plugin for Photoshop with your renders. It is intended to remove color noise of photographs. It does smooth the equaly color areas and can add pronounced edges to a degeree of almost comic book coloration look.

    They call it: "Creative smoothing effects with edge and texture control."

    download free trial:

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    I think a lot of book covers and movie posters do this. They smooth out the colors and make it look painted. Do all professionals use the same tools to get this effect? Some may even be painted, so it's hard to tell 2d from 3d.
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    Unfortunately, no, Dave230. If you check out the NPR threads here you'll see a whole lot of different software, plugins, render settings and other techniques that different people use to create toon, painterly, etc. effects. And when you take into account the different combinations of those things that are possible, the choices are mind-boggling. When it comes to photomanipulation or render manipulation, you will find a lot of tutorials relative to that over on DeviantArt, where there is a larger community devoted to such work.

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    Thanks everybody! Sorry it took me so long to answer. I'm use to getting notifications, not checking for them, lol! You've all bee a big help. I think the free program offered by Topay is what I'm looking for and of course, post work.

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