little help with hairs, beards and mustaches please!!!

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ok, as i told before i'm interested in using daz for game develop and after some trial and fail i find out which using genesis 8 hairs is almost a "no no" even using decimator is not a good thing cuz some hairs and beards have so insane ammount of poly(like 400k or 500k even found one hair around 1 million polygons O_O surprise (the haird ended counting like 90% of the character poly count full clothed lol, ) which using decimator on then will make then look horrible broken and bugged then, while in some cases g3 manages to have a little less polygons and a little more friendly still overal a little hard to work with them.


My question is about the more "old generations" like Genesis or V4/M4/A4, or genesis 2 if they are more "friendly to poly counts, like i can buy those ones and use a hair converter to use them in genesis 8, that is my question when comes to poly count and look they are better?? i means much less polygons like, would be good for G2 and old ones to use in G8 to be more polycount friendly???


how much polygons they are around normally?(hairs, beard and mustaches), for a game design they are better or worse than G3 and G8??? i mean in number of polygons not texture quality if is to have a more game friendly hair i don't mind to have a more low quality hair type.


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    In my experience many older hairs will fit Genesis 8 just fine using the inbuilt convertor. You could try using some old freebie hairs that were much lower poly and relied more on the textures to give them the right look
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    But if you are going to be using them in game why worry about converting them to G8 in Studio when you will probably need to adjust rigging for the game engine.

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    jestmart said:

    But if you are going to be using them in game why worry about converting them to G8 in Studio when you will probably need to adjust rigging for the game engine.

    adjust rigging in unreal is really easy, all i need is find the right bones to match unreal basic humanoid rig then it's done any anymation made for that basic rigging will work on it.


    the only big issue would be which in few animations cases, the animation not gonna look smooth and good as it can look in daz due to unreal don't support daz corrective system.

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    well indeed after some test, for now the best set of hairs and beards and bla bla bla, are between V4/A4/M4/H4 and genesis 1 to work for game design, hairs from genesis 2 and above "can work" but not only few cases the best results are no doubt genesis 1 and under, you can find some friend hairs in genesis 2 and above but are still a minority specially from genesis 3 and g8, this ones are the no good in many cases, in some cases decimator can help a little reducing the poly count but if you want to work with the base hair with minimum usage of decimator and others ways to reduce poly count (some few genesis 1 and V/M/H/A 4 generations hairs can be a little big going at 60k but still much better to deal than the others generations where you are lucky if you find a hair with less than 50k poly and in case of genesis 3 or 8, the "basic" is around 100k+ and in some cases going around 500k+ making impossible to use tools like decimator).


    then if you are like me trying to use daz hair for game then go after that products if you want good "performance" and no problem with huge poly count, if you want some better look hairs then try go for g8 or g3 but be ready to use decimator in many cases, in some of that cases you will be able to achieve good results with little problem, but in most of then maybe the hair could no look that good.


    this is going from a point of view if you are using G8 character as base, if you are using any other genesis or generation then maybe things could be different but comming from g8 without any doubt that could be the best results.

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