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Poser Tutorials

Threads Worth Reading
Poser Multiple Runtimes revisited Old but still holds relevant information
AprilYSH's Poser Light Rig Tutorial (NEW!)***

Content Tutorials and Information

M4 Listings - Wiki Dedicated to DAZ3D's Male Figures and Content for Them.

General Tutorials

There are so many Poser tutorials around the web it would be a great task to list them all. So a simple search on google will provide a beginner with enough tutorials to make ones head spin. With that said I will list a few.
Dealing with Zipped Poser Content - NEW!
DAZ3D Tutorials
SmithMicro Support How to find the serial number and other FAQs
SmithMicro Tutorials
Renderosity Poser Tutorials
GeekatPlay Studio
ArtZone Wiki Poser Tutorials
JCH Digital Designs:The JCH Poser Page
Castle Poser
Nerd3D Graphics
PhilC Designs
Aery Soul Forum Tutorials
Runtime DNA Poser Tutorials
Dr. Geep
The 3D Links Collection Very handy site and it is maintained very well.
Ebonshire - CG/3D Art Several tutorials from Bryce to Poser
Using Items from Poser Library
Poser Tutorial Articles on Renderosity
How to Use the Poser Software Interface: Video Series
Fixing simple errors in Poser files (NEW!)***

Pose Room Tutorials

Techniques to Create Poser Characters
Poser 5 Tutorials - This site has lots of good small sized videos on using Poser 5 that can be applied to most other versions of Poser. It also contains CDs that you can purchase for more detailed explinations.
How to Add Morphs With Poser Software
Seven Tips for Creating Characters in Poser

Material Room Tutorials

Mystic Nights Poser Material Room Tutorials
Better Looking Foliage aka How to Make Backfaces Not Render Black by Traveler
Poser Material Room Tutorials +
Castle Poser Material Room Tutorials
Creating Maps for the Poser Material System

Texturing for Poser and DAZ Studio (NEW!)***
Texturing the Morphing Fantasy Dress be Chohole

Face Room Tutorials

Morphing Tools in Poser Face Room
Getting Acquainted With The Face Room
Creating Heads in the P6 Face Room
Poser Face Room Video Tutorials Search List

Hair Room Tutorials

Poser Hair Tutorials
Creating a Beard in Poser 6
Brian Haberlin- Creating the "Hair" Image Using Poser And Photoshop
Poser Pro Hair Room Basics
Quick Grass in Poser 5
Dynamic Hair Tutorial
Poser Hair Room Video Tutorial Search List

Cloth Room Tutorials

Poser Clothes Tutorials
Poser Cloth Room
Introduction to Dynamic Cloth
Getting Started in the Cloth Room
About Cloth Simulation
Draping Vs. Simulation in the Poser Cloth Room
Poser Cloth Room Video Tutorial Search List

Setup Room Tutorials

How to Use the Poser Software Interface : What is the Setup Room in Poser Software Interface?
Model and Rig a Mini Skirt Using ONLY Poser 6
Character Setup Using the Setup Room
Attaching Bones to Preexisting Parts
Creating Conforming Clothing For Poser Figures
From Wings3d Model to Poser Figure

Recommended Books

Secrets of Figure Creation with Poser 5
Secrets of Poser Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities: The e-frontier Official Guide
Poser 6 Revealed: The Official Guide
Practical Poser 7

Other Places to Look

Tutorial Treasure Hunt: PoserPro Forums
While we have not looked for specific tutorials, etc., it's entirely possible that you might find exactly what you need in the PoserPro forum. (It is locked, and you will not be able to register.) (NEW!)***

*I want to thank the Community Volunteers Group who made this and all the other Tutorial Lists for this new forum as well as all those who have donated their time to creating tutorials for the benefit of the community (there would be nothing to list without all of you)....Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making these lists possible!*

**If you know of any tutorials you feel would be an asset to this list, please contact me at [email protected] with the subject line: DAZ3D Tutorial List Addition. Be sure to let me know which list(s) and what part of the list you feel the tutorials would best fit and we will review them for inclusion.

*** LIST UPDATED 12/14/2011 ***

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