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Hexagon Tutorial Links for Beginners and Beyond
The best way to start with Hexagon is studying the documentation that comes with it and following the included tutorials.

Hexagon 2.5 Documentation Links
Hexagon Software Tutorials
Hexagon Software Manual

Daz3d Support Tutorials

Daz Forum Tutorials
Advanced UV Mapping Made Easy!
A Displacement Map Discussion
B-52 Tutorial, with Hexagon Tips Too
Quick Start Into Hexagon Video Training Course - Free***

Beginning Hexagon Tutorials on Polyloop Forum
Basic Spray Can video Tutorial
Modeling of a Digital Camera
Oil Drum Tutorial - Beginners - Complete
UV Unwrap Step by Step Hex 2
[Hex 1.2] Video: Modeling a Water Mineral Bottle
Diamond Tutorial
Hexagon 2 Example Workflow
Modeling a Bottle Cap
[Hex 1.x] How works the Dynamic Geometry
Modeling a Gift with Hexagon
Shield Tutorial (Video)
Cartoon Type Character
Spiral Loop in a Circle

PoserPros Tutorials Links
There's a lot of good info about Hexagon on the Poserpros forum; this is just a sample. Some of the tutorials are hosted outside of Poserpros.
Hexagon Selection Tools 101 (Updated 10-15-2006)
Tutorial: Simple Mushroom or Toadstool
Tutorial: Basic Unfolding
Tutorial: Simple Crecent Moon and Normals
Tutorial: Simple Bottlecap
Mini Tut - Cleaning up your mesh (reducing Poly Count)
Modeling a Dress for A3 with Hex2 - For Noobs
Modeling Pants for A3 - For Noobs
Tutorial: A Simple Dagger Tutorial (PDF)
Tutorial: Making Pants by JGreenlees (Video Tutorial)
Tutorial: A Simple Dress by Jen Greenlees
Tutorial: Sword tutorial, Getchyer Sword Tutorial
Tutorial - Making a "Salsa Dance Dress"
Tutorial...Basic UVMApping in Hexagon
Tutorial: Belt, Buckle and Harness Basics
Tutorial: CandleLamp (Intermediate) by Nef Updated 2/11/2007
Tutorial: Tez's Mountain Bike in Hexagon 2 Index
Tutorial: Video - Making a Pocket
Tutorial: Another Quick Round Holes in a Mesh Mini-tute
Tutorial: Glove by Demon_Mage
Tutorial: Creating Arched Doorways/Windows

Renderosity Hexagon Forum List of Tutorials
Tutorials! Clothes Hair, Shoes and More!
UVMapping a Head - An Image Based Tutorial
Using DAZ Studio's Figure Setup Tools with Hexagon***

Other Tutorial Links (Some Pay Sites Included)
Some of these sites offer free tutorials as well as charging for more advanced tutorials, or you may have to register at the site in order to access some tutorials.
EZ Hexagon Tutorials WMV
Geekatplay Hexagon Tutorials
Hexagon Tutorials from Daybreak Studio
Tez's Free Hexagon Tutorials @ CGDreams
johnnybevo's Hexagon Video Tutorials
Creating Custom Full Body Morphs for Poser Characters with Hexagon 2.5 and Daz Studio 2
List of Many Hexagon Tutorials by Mystic Nights

General Modeling Info and Tips
These tutorials are not Hexagon specific but may offer a useful overview of modeling techniques.
Spanish Princess, - A tutorial (Modeling a Dress)
General 3D Modeling Tutorials (Nevercenter.com)
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro (Wikibooks)
Beginner’s 3D Modeling Tutorial
Polygon Modeling - A Sub-Division Modelers Primer
A Modeling Ethic
OldWolves CG Concepts by Questor
Computer Science 95: 3D Modeling and Animation (Notes from a College Course)
3DTotal (Lots of Modeling Tutorials for Different Apps)

DAZ3D Hexagon Forum Community
For updated information, tutorials, challenges, help, advice, and sharing.
Hexagon Discussion Forum
Hexagon WIPs Forum (Works in Progress)
Hexagon Freepozitory Forum

For more information on Hexagon from this Website, please visit our Hexagon Discussion Forums as well as the Hexagon Freepozitory!***

*I want to thank the Community Volunteers Group who made this and all the other Tutorial Lists for this new forum as well as all those who have donated their time to creating tutorials for the benefit of the community (there would be nothing to list without all of you)....Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making these lists possible!*

**If you know of any tutorials you feel would be an asset to this list, please contact me at [email protected] with the subject line: DAZ3D Tutorial List Addition. Be sure to let me know which list(s) and what part of the list you feel the tutorials would best fit and we will review them for inclusion.

*** LIST UPDATED 03/23/2010 ***

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