What about text tool for Bryce when they will ever upgrade it?

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Now that I am trying to make signs and text into neon signs, I actually realise there are not a text option in Bryce, unless I am missing something.  I know I can import text into Bryce, either by .obj or using Elefont.    But to have it build in as many other programs will be much easier.  If they will upgrade it in future, I think this would be a nice tool to create.

Elefont by Armanisoft link not working anymore.  Luckilly I got a download elsewhere when do a search for it.


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    Hexagon has it and they upgraded that yes

    wish too they could show Bryce and Carrara some developer love heart

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    launok - yes, I've noticed a while ago that Arminsoft doesn't feature EleFont and Spitalizer anymore. But then, it came out 21 years ago (1998). What you can do is write a white text on a black background in a graphics tool and save it as BMP or TIF and import it into the Bryce Terrain Editor (TE).

    Wendy_Carrara - Developer love would be awesome but just a bit of love and exhibition for the non-Studio but Daz-owned applications would already be great.

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    I have just made this render where I have used Elefont for the numbers and symbols by using a font.  The neon alphabet letters are from a free 3D set which I got by luck yesterday.


    BRYCE NEON.jpg
    1200 x 563 - 262K
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    Laura -  cool render

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    #Launok: very nice!

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