'digital animation' weirdness

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Is anybody else weirded out by how a WHOLE BUNCH of recent descriptions suddenly include 'digital animation' inserted semi-randomly into the main text?

e.g. http://www.daz3d.com/shaders-materials/velvety-print-shaders

Even Victoria 6 now reads (emphasis mine): "Now with Genesis 2 more points of articulation, more polygons in the figures and a male and female specific base allows you to easily sculpt Victoria 6, and any Genesis 2 figure, into more detailed, more articulate and more gender specific digital animation forms."

It's true across DAZ O's and PA items (e.g. Perfect 10 Poses Bundle and Heroine for Genesis 2)...

Is this just...a poor form of SEO, search-and-replace gone bad, or is this something else entirely?

-- Morgan

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    It's certainly weird. A lot of those don't really fit in the description where they were placed, and for poses it's completely inaccurate at best since animation takes more than just a single frame pose unless you don't mind some horrific tweening. Maybe it's a sneaky way to get Daz's website to show up more often on animation google searches :D

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    That is bazaar. It is like a word document with pages of text, and you "replace" a word with another. Most of the time, the sentences don't make sense. Sort of sounds similar to what has been done

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 57,571
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    I've sent a query in on this - it does look odd.

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    Someone writing copy thought it sounded good?

  • TjohnTjohn Posts: 10,094
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    Funny digital animation, I digital animation hadn't digital animation noticed digital animation.
    Maybe it's some sort of subliminal thing designed to make us do more digital animation digital animation?

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 23,251
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    I am at present animating my digits on my keyboard, perhaps that is what is meant.

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