Why no addional textures for the Magus outfit for Genesis?

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I'm a very inexperienced user, but I think this question fits here better than at New Users. I liked the Magus clothing from the first time I saw it; a very smart action outfit. Try as I might, I couldn't final any textures that came with it prepackaged with Starter Essentials. (It's hard to search with my very flawed 4.5 installation; I'll soon get around to replacing it with 4.6). During the September sale, I decided to see what other textures were offered for Magus Genesis by Daz3D. But I found that only the Magus for V4 was supported with textures. In fact, I could not find a Genesis version of the Magus outfit that was itself sold independently. I guess there is a certain logic to not offer for sale a model which is already free to all who use the program.

There is probably a forum here somewhere for people to suggest to artists new products that they would be interested in,but I can't find any such thing. If I made a suggestion, it would be for new textures to support the Genesis Magus outfit, like already exist for Magus for V4. (I don't have Magus for V4, and on can hardly expect its textures would work on Magus for Genesis.)


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    The genesis version of the outfit is a refit of the V4 version, so the other textures will work on the Genesis version as well.

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    oddly I have some other textures, do not recall getting V4 version

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    The Magus outfit included with the Genesis Starter Essentials comes with three texture sets - the default red one and this two:


    When you've installed the Genesis Starter Essentials you will find the textures in Genesis - People - Clothing - Magus - Materials.

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