How to Load the Smart Content

I am using Carrara 8.5 on a PC. My Smart Content browser is empty but my Content brower works fine. How can I load the smart content browser?


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    Daz Studio has to be run first on new machines to setup the SmartContent database.
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    My Lap top is 2 years old and Carrara and DAZ has been on it that long. I'm just getting around to getting it set up. How do I get it set up now?


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    I use smart content on everything.  I went with the flow, and used the Daz Install Manager as recommended by Daz.  In other words DIM organizes the Daz content on my computer.

    If you decide to do that, there is a gear at the top of DIM which opens your settings.  Both Daz Studio and Carrara should be in the Applications Tab.  The Installation Tab is where you set your pathways, if you don't want everything on your C drive (default).

    A lot of people want to organize their content in a different way, and not use DIM.  That's fine.  But Smart Content doesn't always work if veer away from using DIM.

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    Great Thanks, UnifiedBrain, I will try it.

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