Test Shots: Maharlika HD

Hi everyone, so apparently people have yet to respond to the query I posted regarding Filipino tribal tattoo patterns.

Link here: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/306816/filipino-tribal-tattoos/p1

But I got a bit cranky, so I decided to create my own line of works regarding the subject. I was not able to make it as accurate as the real thing, though I considered that I might use it for fantasy renders as well. 


  • Maharlika HD is a custom character using Raiya's Awan character(though I just thought his skin looked a bit Austronesian typical of males in the Philippines, besides being classified as Native American). Although his name is Tagalog by origin (I just thought the name sounded good) but his marks display a purely Visayan variant of a Pintado warrior, I consider him a good picture of what a typical Pre-Hispanic Filipino would look like back in the days.


    Tatak ni Bakunawa.jpg
    2500 x 2500 - 4M
  • Maharlika is an independent man, the marble and sculptor of his own fate. He can be anyone he wishes to be:

  • A proud Visayan 'mandirigma'(warrior), noble and loyal to his Datu (chief)... 

    2500 x 2500 - 3M
  • An 'engkantado ' or 'diwata' (fairy) from the invisible and mystical city of Biringan...


    2500 x 1405 - 2M
  • A rogue crusader out for blood in the streets of dystopian Manila...

    2500 x 1405 - 3M
  • ...or simply the next door, bad boy 'rakista' out on a wild Friday night gig.

    2500 x 2500 - 3M
  • StormlyghtStormlyght Posts: 661

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing your art.


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