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We are very happy to introduce a helpful new set of forums:

The Community Welcome and Resource Center!!!!!!!!

Whether you are embarking on your first 3D voyage or already a salty dog who wants to share some wisdom (or even learn a few new tricks of your own), this is the port to call home!

These forums have it all! Just See for yourselves!

Want to know more about this forum or DAZ3D the company? Want to meet other new users such as yourself? Then this section is for you. Feel free to use this forum to introduce yourself, explain a little about your goals and aspirations, and meet new people as you start an adventure into the world of 3D Art.

New Users Help Forum - Start Here!
Are you new to DAZ 3D? Are you new to 3D Art in general? Looking for a great place to grow your 3D skills and knowledge? Have a question? Then this forum is for you!! Feel free to post any questions you have about the DAZ3D website, our software, general art, or about our community. You have a whole community of knowledge at your fingertips to help you as you venture into a new world of possibilities.

These certainly aren't your typical forums, indeed these are unique in a few meaningful and very special ways that you need to know about. Have a listen:

These forums are the direct result of YOUR requests for more information, more help, and more activities for our newer community members - what a great idea!
These forums are going to be moderated more strictly than our general forums. As a community it will be important for us to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration and encouragement that will allow for our newest additions to have fun and to learn in an environment that is conducive to both.
A special thanks to the many Community Volunteers who organized this information and will help to answer your questions going forward.
In recognition of their efforts and their commitment to the community they now sport a special rank, which appears in their profile group. The rank reads "Community Volunteer". Thanks guys, you did good :D

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