How can I scale Genesis' eyeball in Hexagon?

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I need to alter the scale of Genesis' right eyeball in Hexagon.
Being a single mesh, how can I manipulate the eye alone to morph it?
The bridge exports as a single mesh, exporting as "Use Nodes Names" works, from DS to DS, but when used in Hexagon, something goes wrong and the geometry doesnt match anymore.
Any ideas?


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    Importing as an OBJ to create a morph should work, as long as you have not added or removed any vertices? Even adding or removing one vertex is enough to destroy the morph.

    You can still do it from inside the Bridge.

    Send Genesis over to Hex, select a poly in the middle of the eye somewhere (no need to be too accurate).
    Use the Grow Selection using Shift ++, the Shift key and the plus on the numeric keypad. or select it from the Selection menu in Hex
    Hold down the Shift key, and keep pressing '+' until it stops doing anything.
    Use the scale tool to enlarge it a bit, then send back to DS where a morph will be created for you.

    See if that is any help?

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    Thank you, but the problem is if I do it this way, I am only selecting an exterior surface, let's say the sclera, while other parts like the pupil remains unselected.

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    Can also select parts via the Shading Domains.

    And/or 'hide' all the Shading domains for the head EXCEPT the ones you want, toggle transparency "on" ... right-click drag to select 'all' whatever is left for the eyes.
    Then unhide the head [so you can see what you're doing] ...
    And model the morph.

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    That sounds like what I need, thanks! :D

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