Scifi Alibaba Thief Outfit For Gen 8 Male

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Hi everyone. So my newest outfit I am working on is called Scifi Alibaba Thief Outfit For Gen 8 Male.

His sash is Dforce and both the turban and sash come with 6 different beautiful material presets. He will have a total of 4 full outfit presets, meaning his chest plat, legs and boots plus a laser rifel.

right now if anyone is willing I could really use some critasisum on him. so any opinions are welcome. 


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  • Is it supposed to be Persian-inspired?  I can see it with the boots, and the curled toe... is the hat supposed to be a turban?

  • Yes it is Persian-inspired, and Yes the hat is supposed to be a turban. Here are a few other images. I am trying a different sash or cloth belt on him and I think it looks better. I also flattened the top of the turban a bit as I think a Persian turban is a bit different then an indian turban.

    Any input is greatly apriciated. thanks

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  • One question, what does anyone think about the colours, do you like a more plain color like red or green or blue? or do you like more of a multi colour design like say this yellow, or blue.


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    It's hard to say, I like basic, solid color designs, but depending on how it is mapped, it can be easier to do solid colors myself, so having more multi-color designs that are specific to the shape of the mesh (things like patterns on edges) are really nice to have. At least having some more complex options tends to make a product look more polished, to me, as it looks like it took more care and planning to design.

    I like the green patterend example, the colors clash a little bit with the rest of the outfit, but with some tweaks to the colors or with different options to combine, they could look like they all go together.

  • Thanks AlmightyQuest, thoes are good point. :)

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  • I think it would look good to match some of the metallic accents to the fabrics... or maybe some glow effects on the armor to match?  With the sort of acid gree and cyan blue, to me those suggests glowing materials.  The sash would be better with more fabric to it, so it will have folds along the waist and where it is tied/folded, but I don't know if you can do that with Dforce.  Same with the turban - it should have folds and wrinkles as it is wound around the head.

  • Yes I am having difficulty with the folds and dforce. everytime I try to deforce something that has folds, it unfolds it. :P

  • That must be like having a cat in your laundry - how frustrating! 

  • I'm thinking I'm not going to go with a deforce sash, as it does not work with folds. However if someone wants to use dforce on it it will work.


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    white gold.jpg
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    I personally prefer the plainer single colors. 

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    Yea I'm working on a new outfit that I think will look better. something about him just does not seem right. :)

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  • Not enough robes; Persian was all about loose, rippling layers of fabric... even the Immortals (not thieves, by any stretch, but semi-armored in this sort of fashion) wore padded clothes and robes.  Maybe it needed to be more clothes, with armored elements, as opposed to the other way around...

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    So you were right Misselthwaite, he needed more cloth. so here he is with a sort of shall drapped over his sholder, and it makes all the difference. Thanks for that great advice. :)


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    The shawl makes quite a difference indeed, the style is way more coherent with it. Nice work :)

  • Here are two other styles that are more dark in colour. 


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  • Here is another angle, for fun. :)

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  • and here is a dirty red material for the outfit.

    Dirty Red.jpg
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