modo to daz, daz to modo...import/export help?

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if you're familiar with these workflows (or either of these workflows) what settings work for you?  what do i need to keep in mind?

i'm finally modelling a little, and i'm having a hilariously hard time dealing with scaling and surfaces/surface groups.  and, for some reason, getting an object modelled in a zeroed position and location in modo to appear at a zeroed location in studio after import.   

also--i've been exporting obj objects from modo, and exporting/importing obj objects from/to studio.  but i'm wondering if a different object format might not be more sensible. 

*any* advice appreciated.  even a snippet would help. 

i don't want to spend another week modelling a hand prop that turns out to be the size of the chrysler building when i open it in studio.  :)




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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 51,491

    There is a preset for modo in the OBJ Import/Export options dialogue, and in the Morph Loaders, which should give the correct values.

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    kk, export from DS at Modo scale, import at same scale. also export a dev figure at Modo scale and load that into your modeller as a reference for prop size.

    it pays to keep to a single scale at all times.

    for material surfaces, highlight the polys required and simply assign a texture, when naming a surface, do not have any spaces in the name, 'cos Modo will add sort of random digits where you have spaces.

    if you need to add a 'group' for boning/rigging purposes, that is in the Geometry dropdown as 'Set Group' afair. again highlight polys required and do not have spaces in the name.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 51,491

    They aren't random - modo (and apparently the OBJ standard) consider space a separator so it will replace them with thei chacters code (20 in hex, 32 decimal) as it will other non-allowed characters which are allowed for modo's internal use.

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    thank you *very* much, Richard and 3anson.

    my latest attempt at propping is a lot closer to being useable than the previous have been.  



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