Hex 2.505 install issue

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So I launched Hex today, like a million times before, and avast popped up saying a malicious file was blocked. I didn't actually read what file it was though. Upon re-opening the program, my cube primitive is missing from the tool bar.
I decided to re-install hex from my back-up cd, and Avast keeps blocking the file

c:\program files(x86)\DAZ\Hexagon|plugins\A3DBendTool.atx
Then the installer quits without installing at all.
Anyone have any Ideas??



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    You'll need to disconnect from the internet and disable Avast while installing Hex, then create an exception in Avast to allow the file -- I don't currently have Avast on any of my machines, but there's probably a way to report a false positive when you create the exception.

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    Thanks! I ended up doing just that. I had to add an exception to every Daz folder for it to work succesfully. Must have been in the new Avast update I guess!
    Thanks again for your help!

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    Avast normally gives you an option to proceed, if you wait a few seconds after the alert comes up.

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