Bumpy Surface for Toon Tree leaves

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I wanted to make some simple toon trees.

I can make the trunks and branches, but I wanted to know if there is a simple way to take a sphere, and sort of randomize the surface a little so that it has randoms bumps and jags (i.e. giving a little texture to the green leaf part)

I thought about in Carrara with displacement maps, but they always take longer to render, versus a low poly objects with a color.

Any thoughts?


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    Something like this?

    Geodesic sphere, default resolution, used displacement brush at full strength, (hold Shift to make indentations) then 1 level of smoothing. UIV map first if you are going to paint it.

    A method to keep it very low poly is to UV map, take it to level 2 smoothing (keep DG active), use displacement brush, export bump map (which can be converted to normal map), take it back down to unsmoothed, collapse DG and export as .obj. Import to Carrara and include the bump/normal map in your shader.

    You can do the same in Carrara:)

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    Yea, that'll work, thanks!

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